Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleepless Soliloquy

His fists clenched the now recreant blanket, its frigid facade sending merciless tingles of despair and discomfort. Cold, caliginous environ seals him off from the whole world, the voluminous blackness of which could only be surmised from this most desolate posts. As the pitiless night consumes this seemingly forsaken earth, the minutes tick. The incandescent digital lines configurated into numbers tick by, the glowing green splashing against the ponderous gulf of the dark which separates all corners of the clammy, nearly gelid bedroom. Eyes briefly closed, a terrible white flash compels them to reawaken. Troublemakers equipped with flashlights, traveling on the nearby sidewalk, busily exploiting this most dreadful of nights? A most disquieting sensation caresses the forehead; cool air, as though it were breathed from a malevolent, hovering demon, funnels downward. Eyes dart about in directionless frenzy. A finger nervously twitches. The heart begins to race.

Time stands still. Minutes drone on and on, until the barren vastness of this humble room consumes whole hours. Eyes struggle to shut, only to reopen at the slightest peculiar noise. Each aural disquisition of the little, merciless devils who run amok at the unholy witching hour attracts immediate attention. If only the ears could be closed with the effortlessness of the eyes; yet infernal imagery flashes regardless. The unknown of the grimly dismal room is less awful than the sights of the mind. Hands and arms will themselves downward under the covers. The crisp, chilled air resumes its mockery of what should be a plaintively soothing zephyr.

Neck muscles tighten; the skin contracts against the crucial bone structure. Long hair curls back against the tip of the left ear. Or is that what the spirits want him to believe? A crashing boom jars the chronological descent into paralyzing madness. The dryer has bellowed in the middle of an ominous night once more. Gasps provide a pulsating, nerve-wracking agitato to the incongruous proceedings. The window, a sliver of which is visible beyond the frighteningly insouciant white drapes, appears to become opaque, sinister fog and dew smothering it with inexorable, mephitic gleefulness.

Trapped. Retracting and tucking in the legs and feet to rest beneath the covers. The ceiling slowly, ceaselessly, drops downward. Inexhaustibly descending, its gradually increasing proximity to his torso resembling the crushing weight of the specter that taunts and menaces him with utmost jubilance. Eyes rapidly close and reopen. A clanging sound emanates from somewhere in the pivotal hallway that lay beyond the room. Eyes dart in a vain hope of seeing what lurks behind the corner of the door frame.

Resolute rejection of the tormentors and unusually brave determination to close the eyes and disregard the angagic onslaught follow. Prayer remains a most viable option: cast out the malignant sons of Belial. The enveloping spiritual darkness moved about the fallen earth like a forever voracious marauding army. These evil beasts were vulnerable. They had been too clever for their own sake in creating such an outlandish ruckus.

The once-piercing fear dissipated, quickly fading. Eyes open. Close again. Sleep beckons. It must be near.

And, just as security seemed to be at hand, and the battle over, the most horrifying, petrifying visceral, guttural growl. To the right! Just outside the wall adjacent to the bed. The ferocious, monstrous growl lay only a foot or two away from him, just outside his home. The gnawing, rumbling, snarling guttural growl tortuously shifted into the most bloodcurdling, hair-raising, and unnerving howl and roar. He jumped out of his bed and backed away. Backed into the numinous nothingness of the black blanket that was the hallway. Finding himself move about in a parallel course with the beast that lay behind the wall, moving about as it did from one section of the front porch to the next, evidently locked in deadly combat with one of its wretched rivals.

Sleep remains beyond his grasp.


Daniel Getahun said...

And so went the experience of so many children after watching Where the Wild Things Are...

booksandacupofcoffee said...

Bonjour! Alexander, Hello! Alexander,
in French or English
it all add up to....huh?!
All kidding aside, a very well written

DeeDee ;-D

Anonymous said...

sorry about that. i will try to be quieter next time

Anonymous said...

the guy who writes for this website is crazy. but very adorable too. maybe he's a real genius.

Books, said...

Hi! Alexander,
After rereading your "Sleepless Soliloquy" I find that you have "mastered" the fine art of descriptive writing very well...How would I know? I ‘am not a writer, but I am a reader and I did work part-time for a book publishing company once...

…Therefore, I know if a writing (whether it’s a book, short piece, or article, etc, etc, etc…) let the reader(s) imagine the images that the writer has written about in there mind eye they (the writer) have succeeded at "mastering the fine art of descriptive writing” and all I can say to you is..."Congratulation!”

Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

anna koffersberg said...

thanks for spooking and creeping us all out Alexander Coleman!

Anonymous said...

Great Review

MovieMan0283 said...


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HenryJ said...

I - um. Huh. Well, that's certainly something you've got there, Alex.

Speaking of, where'd you go? You just up and left right off the face of the earth, goldurn it.

Sam Juliano said...

Hello Alexander!

Hope all is well my friend, and I am hoping like the famous Rip Van Winkle that you willsoon be waking up from this extended slumber and imparting some of your trademark cinematic brilliance to your adoring fans.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Peeyeeeewwwwe. Pretensieuse, moi? Roger de Swans lives!