Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer Go Black

August is Film Noir Month at Movie Zeal. I will be writing an article about noir as well as three film reviews for Evan Derrick's wonderful website, which is a place you should be checking out on a regular basis just because it's a great blog, and with this marathon of noir it's about to become even better.

I would like to commend Evan for choosing to highlight the dour, sleepy-eyed countenance of Robert Mitchum with the alluring but deadly Jane Greer from my personal favorite noir of all, Jacques Tourneur's magnificent Out of the Past. (Beyond noir, it's one my absolute favorite films.) Evan knows how to make one all the more excited, obviously.


Evan Derrick said...

Thanks for the linkage, Alexander. I'm particularly looking forward to your pieces during the month.

Alexander Coleman said...

You're welcome. I'm quite happy to help promote MZ's August noirfest.

Sam Juliano said...

I actually agree with you there Alexander, on what you say about OUT OF THE PAST transcending the genre as standing as a masterwork on its own, and it does rank in the inner etchelon of favorite noir films for me as well, although the top one for me is Wiler's DOUBLE INDEMNITY.

Look forward to your reviews!

Alexander Coleman said...

The best of any genre will usually be, simultaneously, an exemplary and transcendental film, as Double Indemnity and Out of the Past surely are.

Jason said...

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