Monday, June 15, 2009

Now, Where Was I?

No, no, not Where was I? as in, where was I physically, or where did I go to? I'm just trying to remember where I was about ten weeks ago when I vanished from the earth. Oh yes, writing reviews for films.

I've seen quite a few films since I last posted at Coleman's Corner. I promise to write reviews for as many as I can.

There are some films for which I was planning to write reviews when I disappeared, and I promise that for the two people out there that remember which films they were, I will get to working on that soon.

I am returning to the world of the Internets, but time constraints will limit the frequency of my visits to other film blogs I greatly enjoy with writers I admire for a good while. I apologize in advance.

I hope those who see that I have returned spread the word to your friends. I am sorry for so abruptly leaving with no warning; naturally, I did not plan the absence. Life became too hectic for a while for me to survey the Internet, much less write for its global consumption. However, I cannot adequately convey how sorry I am to everyone, and how pleased I am to now return.

In May I attended a "B Film" Film Noir Festival at The Roxie in San Francisco, CA (on 16th and Valencia) and I will write reviews of some films I saw there in the near future.

On May 8, a review I wrote for the 1990s neo-noir China Moon was published at Noir of the Week. Here it is--where? Right here. Will I publish it here at Coleman's Corner? Of course. But Noir of the Week is a website you should take a look at, you'll doubtless like what you see.

I will attempt to respond to as many unanswered comments as I can in the upcoming days. I'm busily preparing to write quite a bit in the coming days. I saw a number of films, classic and newly released alike, and I'm anxious to write about many of them.

I sincerely thank those who voiced interest, concern, worriment or simply annoyance at my AWOL stretch. And those who remained silent, thank you for not bothering me or troubling my conscience as much as those others. :-)

This past early May I celebrated the one-year anniversary of beginning Coleman's Corner in Cinema. I had considered writing a thank-you to everyone, or writing something, but as fate would have it, this was right in the middle of my sabbatical from the website and online matters in general. So I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever visited, read a post, or part of a post, and of course those who have commented here at Coleman's Corner in Cinema. Just because I am not here does not mean I am not thinking of you, or that I take any one of you for granted. As for my favorite memories from the past year (now over thirteen months in actuality), there are plenty, but perhaps my absolute favorite memory is quickly, hurriedly writing a review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on New Year's Eve and posting in the afternoon here in California. I figured that, it being New Year's Eve, few would care to read the posting on that day or evening. As it turned out, the review, and the subsequent comments, inspired one of the most wonderful threads here, and by the time I went to bed late that evening, it had already turned out to be quite a long, healthy discussion between film lovers. And that makes the whole enterprise worthwhile for me.


Sam Juliano said...

I'll keep it simple:

Welcome Back!

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you very much, Sam. :-)

I can't wait to see what Allan and you have cooked up at Wonders in the Dark since I left. You two are machines, aren't you?

Kevin J. Olson said...

I second Sam's sentiments. It's good to have ya back.

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you very much, Kevin.

MovieMan0283 said...

Glad to see you back. And quite gentlemanly of you to apologize for being unable to visit your favorite blogs in the near future. I too have found myself unable to peruse the blogosphere as much as I used to, meaning that I have not read many writers I enjoy in several weeks. Unlike you, I did not acknowledge the fact, though now you have shamed me into doing so! Sorry all - I promise I will catch up eventually and will leave comments on month-old threads which you will then have to look up...

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you very much, MovieMan.

Yes, I regularly feel like a protagonist from an early Scorsese film. I'm always feeling guilty, and this recent absence has been just one more source of guilt for me.

Thank you again for the very kind words. I will attempt to check in with you again in the near future!

Daniel Getahun said...

Good grief - welcome back to you, sir. Despite our best efforts, the interwebs were losing intelligence in your absence...

Alexander Coleman said...

Haha. Thank you very much, Daniel! :)

Joel E said...

I'm just glad you were finally able to gnaw off that leg you used as a lever in order to move that heavy object you've been trapped under all this time.

As I understand it, this gnawing off of limbs business takes a while, which explains your absence.

Oh wait...that wasn't you.

Well hurrah for having all your limbs intact and welcome back. Excuse me while I slip away to e-mail my other missing (and now one-legged) friend.


Alexander Coleman said...

Haha, thank you, Joel. Too funny. :)

the editor., said...

Hi! Alexander,
Just like Sam Juliano, I too! will
keep it simple:
Welcome Back!

DeeDee ;-D

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you so very much, Dark City Dame! :-) I missed ya!

And I promise I'll reply to your email tomorrow!

benjamin said...

you lived a curious life

Film-Book dot Com said...

How dare you Alexander. How I can I approach, equal and surpass the excellence of your film reviews (when I'm around 70 or so I retchin') if you do not write said reviews? You've hampered me, blighted me, retarded my progress. For all of your selfish intentions, you neglected your Sith-like apprentice but maybe that is more Sith-like than I care to admit to myself.

The fact that I have not been sent to the dictionary an absurd amount of times by one of your reviews, like when reading The Crimson Petal and the White, is an oversight on your part I hope you are not proud of.

My mental nourishment damn you. Do not snatch next time, wean. Your neglect hurt your fans. "All are punish-ed. ALL ARE PUNISH-ED!"

In closing, I do not except your apology for it is hallow.

We both know what you were doing all of this time: HALO!

welcome back..............I guess. :(

Alexander Coleman said...

Haha, I am truly sorry, Film-Book Dot Com!

Mea culpa, mea culpa...

Thank you for the hilarious welcome back. :)