Friday, January 2, 2009

January is the Darkest Month in Coleman's Corner

The holidays are over. The little avariciously demonic children are already looking for something more than their Christmas presents. The days are short, dark and cold. The nights are bitterly chilling and long. C.S. Lewis wrote that Narnia was a place where winter was everlasting and Christmas was outlawed. For many people January represents the pitiless nadir of the entire year. The eggnog has soured, and New Year resolutions are quickly abandoned. Most researchers indicate that January possesses the most depressing day of the year for the highest number of people.

And the slick, wet streets of San Francisco, California become the host of film noir. Or, rather, the San Francisco Castro Theatre does. The "czar of noir" Eddie Muller returns to the City by the Bay this January for Noir City 7. The theme, this year, is "Newspaper Noir."

For the month of January, I, Alexander Coleman, will be the guest of one Dark City Dame's. Please visit her Noirish City, where you can learn everything you need to know and then some about just what is afoot for the month of January, as well as great, chiaroscuro treasures from the rich history of film noir.

Some of you may remember that I adore noir. I have covered several classics. And the great film noir scholar Tony D'Ambra has been so gracious in pointing to the film noirs I have reviewed for Coleman's Corner here.

Of course, you should be visiting Dark City Dame's blog, and Tony D'Ambra's blog. These two lovers of noir shed great light on this dark art.

Here at Coleman's Corner in January, I will be writing periodical reviews of classic film noirs, ones which Dark City Dame and I agree should and must be highlighted. And it could not be at a more appropriate time, leading up to Noir City 7. I have gone to the Noir City spectacle of film noir with my father two years in a row, and this will make three, so I can be Dark City Dame's inside man--as well as everyone's--at this marathon of noir at the Castro. And I am Dark City Dame's blogger guest for this particularly unforgiving and pessimistic month.

So stay tuned. And as Mr. Muller has said and written to me personally, stay in the shadows.


Tony D'Ambra said...

I am excited!

Alexander Coleman said...

Happy to hear that!


MovieMan0283 said...

Looking forward to the way, I have linked up to your post on Milk (though given your consistent excellence, I could have chosen just about any piece) in my year-end round-up. You can check it out here:

Alexander Coleman said...

Oh, well, thank you very much, Movie Man, both for the year-end round-up link and the very kind words.

I will add you to my blogroll later today, something I've been meaning to get around to doing for a while.

Sam Juliano said...

This is fantastic, extraordinary news, and a special treat to all who love movies. We are all behind you and know what a bang-up job you will do here.

Daniel Getahun said...

Wow, best of luck to you in this venture. Sounds very interesting, especially the series at the Castro!

I have a ton of catching up to do on your reviews in the meantime.

I'm going to do my best to stay OUT of the shadows - the sunlight is much warmer here!

Alexander Coleman said...

Ha... Thank you, Daniel.

And I understand why you might want to stay in the sun where you are. :)

Can't wait for you to take in my recent reviews.

NoirishCity.... said...

Hi! Alexander,

I can't wait to hear your review(s) of a couple of "classic" film noir that will be "premiered" at author Eddie Muller's "NoirCity 7" that I have never watched before and they are: Blind Spot, Cry of the Hunted, Johnny Stool Pigeon, and Strange Triangle. ...

(I guess I will be calling on our man in Canada!...Thanks, to our man in Canada, I was fortunate enough to watch the other ("unusual suspects"...that are listed in Muller's NoirCity 7 "line-up")

... and I am most definitely, sitting on "pins and needle" Ouch!...waiting for a film that you plan to review that even I haven't watched and Muller isn't showing at "NoirCity7" called "Simply Scarlet."
Thank-you! A.C.
dcd ;-)

Alexander Coleman said...

Jeez, Dark City Dame, I'm not sure I can review everything you want me to, haha!

But I will review Simply Scarlet, which I'm quite certain Eddie Muller is showing at Noir City 7. :-)

NoirishCity.... said...

Alexander!...Oh! I know! I know! I know!... haha!


K. Bowen said...

I don't even check in here for the film reviews anymore. I'm here strictly for the romance. My popcorn is ready.

Alexander Coleman said...

This isn't a romance, KB, it's a noir!

NoirishCity.... said...

Alexander Coleman said, "My dad and I have our full “passport,” tickets for the entire affair, and am able to enter early through a “secret” passageway. This could not be better!"

Alexander, This your direct quote...from Tony D'Ambra's
But, hold on! my response it coming up in the next comment box!

NoirishCity.... said...

Princess Oops! said, "I can't wait to hear (What I meant to say is "read" your review(s) of a couple of "classic" film noir that will be "premiered" at author Eddie Muller's "NoirCity 7" that I have..."

Hi! Alexander,

NOIRCITY 7 Annoucement
[Full-series passports are selling FAST. Each $100 passport admits the holder to all 11 double features AND the special reception with Arlene Dahl on the evening of Saturday, January 24, not to mention a separate entrance to the theater that lets you bypass the crowds.]

Do you think that you and your dad are going to meet actress Arlene Dahl?...If so, all I can say is....Wow!

dcd ;-)

Alexander Coleman said...

Well, we'll try. :)