Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, from Coleman's Corner Head Offices

I just want to say, Happy Thanksgiving, to all readers of Coleman's Corner who celebrate the holiday.

There will be two new postings sometime this weekend, one on a one-man play starring Hal Holbrook "Mark Twain Tonight!" at the Marin Veterans Memorial Civic Center and a review of a modern classic fright film (and one CCC reader knows which film I'm talking about).

Time has been scarce recently, but over the course of the four-day weekend so many of us get to enjoy, now is as good a time as any to take some breaths. Unless, of course, you go Christmas shopping this weekend, in which case you will likely remain breathless for a while.


Sam Juliano said...

Yes, time has indeed been hard to come by as of late Alexander, and as you also know when you are running all around it's tough to 'report back' so to speak. In my case, my wife and kids deserve my full attention over the next four days.
I woukld like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to the Coleman's Corner Head Offices and to all family members. The Best Always!

Alexander Coleman said...

Yes, it has been hectic lately, Sam, but at least we have the holiday to which we can look forward! This is most certainly a time where one's family, and friends, come before all else.

Thank you for the well wishes and the wishing of a Happy Thanksgiving, Sam, at Coleman's Corner and throughout the land! Yay...

barney raper said...

thanx for the Happy T-givin' yo

darkcitydame4e said...

Hi! Alexander Coleman,
This is the first time that I am celebrating the holidays in the blogosphere!...Therefore, I would like to wish you and your family(The Coleman Family) and all the poster(s) here at Coleman's Corner in Cinema a very Happy Thankgiving too!
Btw,I have already wished Sam Juliano, and his family the same too!

darkcitydame ;-)

Alison Flynn said...

Happy Turkey Day, Alexander! Hope you have a great holiday. :)

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you Dark City Dame! Right back at you. :)

Thank you, Alison! Right back at you, too. :)

Christopher said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was great, Alexander, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we can't wait to see what you post this weekend and at future dates.

Alexander Coleman said...

It was a pleasantly peaceful Thanksgiving, Christopher, and thank for the supportive, kind words.

Sam Juliano said...

I just wanted to say hello to you Alexander. To say that you are missed would be an understatement, but I know as a extremely young 23 year-old, you need to focus on things that will insure you of the bright career ahead of you. Sometimes the blogging is a damaging distraction.
But do what you need to do, and do it well (as I'm sure you will) and we'll all be here for you, always.

Alexander Coleman said...

As I wrote in my email to you a little while ago, thank you very much for the very kind and thoughtful words, Sam.

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