Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the DL: Shouldering the Pain

Well, readers of Coleman's Corner in Cinema, I just want you to know that there will be no new postings for the next week or two, depending on how bad my shoulder injury is. Almost exactly a year ago I injured my scapula muscle in my right shoulder quite badly. After a couple of agonizing weeks, the injury finally subsided.

Beginning on Saturday, this injury returned. I'm not exactly sure why, but it is clear that I reinjured the same muscle.

This is a very debilitating injury. Walking down a hallway is very painful, and simple physical movements such as bending over or turning one's head are excruciating.

Reading from a computer screen and typing are both toilsome in this condition.

As a result, there will be no new postings at CCC for a while.

I try to look at the silver lining in such situations. My silver linings here are that if this injury had to occur, in a way I'm glad it happened now, as I personally believe the last four or five weeks at CCC have very possibly been the most rewarding time period of blogging I have experienced. During this period of time, beginning in the last days of September and characterizing all of October until now, I was able to--in my own mind, in any event--maintain a consistency that helped make the process more fun than ever, achieving a prolific solidity in this month that was enjoyably engaging.

It is possible that writing more, and sitting in such a position while doing so, helped aggravate my previously long-forgotten injury, but I, like my doctor, are unsure of what could have caused the injury to resurface at this time.

My greatest silver lining, however, is that the only position in which I feel as though I'm not in agony is sitting on my couch, watching films. So film-viewing will not slow down for yours truly, at least I hope not, but in a condition that causes one to take ten minutes to roll out of bed, much activity beyond that is very unlikely. So, as I attempt to allow the body to heal, I will also give the mind something of a rest, and a chance to recharge its batteries, at least with regards to cinematic writings (again, I'll be sure to watch a lot of films during this time since it's the most painless, passive act I am capable of now).

So, blogging brothers, and sisters, please excuse my general absence at your venues as well for a little while.

For the readers at Coleman's Corner, doubtless starved for more and more from this blogger, heartbroken at this tragic news (haha), I suggest you look at some old CCC material. Perhaps this is an ideal time during which you can catch up with reviews and other items you have missed. One place you may want to visit with Halloween fast approaching? My only all-out horror movie review, perhaps. However, you can go anywhere. Perhaps you just saw a classic I reviewed for the first time, or a new release I tackled in the summer has come out on DVD. Or what have you.

I will periodically go online during this period when I'm feeling up to it and check in on comments, to which I will reply.

Take care.


Craig Kennedy said...

Ouch. I'm sorry to hear you're laid up. I hope you recover quickly and completely (though it sounds like the 'quickly' part is already out of the question). Your presence here and elsewhere will be missed, but I'm glad you at least have an excuse to watch movies...'cause you know, you don't watch enough of them as it is!

jennybee said...

I second the ouch. Maybe you can dictaphone some reviews or thoughts while watching all those films so you can catch up easier once you're healed. Hope it's soon!

Alison Flynn said...

Oh no! I hope you heal quickly!

Sam Juliano said...

I most assuredly suspected something was amiss, in view of that sudden disappearance, but I thought it was school-related like the time before. I am very saddened to hear this lamentable news, as I know just how much you were enjoying that fantastic run. I genuinely feel terrible and will greatly miss your scholarly reviews and posts as well as comments. But you must take care of yourself first and foremost, and I am confident we will soon see your effervescent self back in no time.. The best always!

Allan Fish said...

Alexander, I hope you haven't been practising your Karloff's Monster impression again and, with flailing arms and straught legs, done yourself some harm. You are not of the laboratory born, you cannot do this.

Make a speedy recovery and get back to writing soon. if you're having trouble sleeping and the painkillers aren't working, put on Driving Miss Daisy, which would put any self-respecting individual to sleep. Works every time.

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you so very much, Craig, Jennybee, Alison, Sam and Allan.

Sam, never fear, I will return as soon as I'm able, and the review you've been looking forward to is still my top priority, haha.

Allan, hahaha, all too funny. You're hurting me making me laugh. :) I have been watching some Karloff recently, so perhaps I was doing my impression of him while asleep!

Thanks, again, everyone.

Tony D'Ambra said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Alexander. Such trials can be therapeutic insofar as they make us refocus on what is really important, and just 'not doing' allows our mind to wander and discover more within ourselves.

Matthew Lucas said...

I hope you get well soon!

darkcitydame4e said...

Hi! Alexander,
Like your fellow ebloggers, I wish you a "Speedy Recovery"
I sended you an e-card,(now I must admit that was "clever" of me!...A.C. said,"Reading from a computer screen and typing are both toilsome in this condition."

I "wonder" what part of your quote that I didn't understand!...duh!)
I know that you have to wait until you feel better to open it!

ps In the meantime, I will check-out your previous CCC reviews!

Take care! A.C.
dcd :)

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you for the sage advice, Tony, and well wishes. And thank you, Matthew for the kind words.

Dark City Dame, thank you very much for the extremely sweet Get Well card that I just received. All day I've been in agony but you put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Sam Juliano said...

Alexander, I have not forgotten that upcoming review, in fact I am anxious to read it as it will right an injustice. But your recovery is of far more urgency right now. I'm sure it won't be long before you are up and running again. Take a breather.

al "stinky" blatch said...

sounds like you got some serious carpal tunnel just remember not to go down to cartel town alone. i recommend vicadin and alcohol

Anonymous said...

Hey hang in there. Time to dicate!

glimmer said...

oh no... :(

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you, Al "Stinky" Blatch, Christian and Glimmer. Recuperating here slowly, taking the breather Sam suggested.

K. Bowen said...

Get well.

Evan Derrick said...

Super bummer, Alexander. Heal up quick, and be sure to watch lots of movies (oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking to).

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you, KB and Evan. :)

Sam Juliano said...

Hope you are coming along, you are in all our thoughts.

Daniel Getahun said...

Add my voice to the chorus of sympathy here. I've seen the title of this post for a while but only caught up to it now.

As is clear by the comments, you have established an online presence in only a matter of months that will leave a clear void in your absence. Not to worry, as many of us do, that everyone will leave and never come back. We'll all still be here, patiently waiting.

Rotator cuff injuries are quite chronic, as you've found out. Sports medicine is actually in my background (I'm a non-practicing certified athletic trainer), so I know you have quite a bit of therapy and rest to attend to. Don't rush it.

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you very much, Daniel. You're correct, I think we all worry about everyone going away if the author of the blog cannot continue working on their blog, but I trust that you are right that people will patiently wait for me.

Not to put you on the spot, but I'd love to read your thoughts on injuries such as this, given your background. An email allowing me to pick your brain a bit would be most earnestly appreciated. Thank you, and Sam (and again, everyone) for the well wisehs.

Christopher said...


Get well soon. I'm gonna read more of your work. Everything I've read so far points to you being the best, most eloquent film blogger on the net.

sartre said...

Just catching up with this now Alexander. Sorry to hear the news and hope your recovery is both surprisingly swift and complete.

It's good to see that you're open to whatever benefits derive from the injury. Are the clones taking time off too?

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you very much, Christopher and Sartre. Both of your comments are terribly humbling, to say the least.

Yes, the clones are all taking a rest, Sartre. :)

Alexander Coleman said...

I'm in such a pained haze I sometimes do not allow statements and actions to register mentally as I should. I thank Christopher for the exceedingly kind statement but I do not consider myself "the best," just one of many, a lover of cinema.

Sam Juliano said...

Well, Christopher is not far off Alexander, you are a titan as far as these things go. You may well be the best, it is quite possible. In any case, your articulate and beautifully worded ponifications are sorely missed in the strongest possible terms, and your enthusiasm is not something that can be replaced.
At least you will get pumped up for tomorrow, when our man Obama will kick some serious a**. I would love to see some kind of a brief press release from you, if you can manage it. WE ARE ALL PULLING FOR YOUR SPEEDY RECOVERY.

The Inside Man said...

This is the Ouch Heard Round The World. Sending you wellwishes and hoping this ends up being a gentle nudge towards a podcast. :D

But seriously, for my first response, I should mention The Shield, right? We should rename the injury Lem's Ailment.

I think I'll go read that horror review now.

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you for the well wishes, The Inside Man, and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see more of you around these parts.

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