Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman, RIP

What can you say? An icon leaves us.

I just found out a little while ago.

I feel lucky enough that I wrote as much as I just did at Craig Kennedy's wonderful Living in Cinema, so excuse me for merely repeating myself:
"A giant, one of the most innately likable actors in the history of the cinema, a genuine movie star, but as Craig notes his acting was fierce, passionate and at times scary, especially when he was younger, but he held on to that onscreen power and gravity throughout his entire deservedly celebrated career. As others have said, however, his life beyond onscreen immortality has been a beautiful one, befitting such a strikingly handsome, in every way, fellow, imbued with grace and strength.
"Not unexpected, but it’s still an awful blow."


Sam Juliano said...

Eloquent words for this very very great actor and humanitarian. He seems to be the last o fhis kind, and although we knew the end was here, the announcement was no less devastating. R.I.P.

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you, Sam, and what you say is quite true. A great man.

darkcitydame4e said...

Hi! Alexander Coleman,
I think actor Paul Newman, was much more than an actor.
I think that he was a philanthropist, husband, father and a good friend to the many people who(m) knew him
Respected by his "peers" and admired by his "fans" (like me!) I am thinking a "real renaissance man"...

darkcitydame ;)

Alexander Coleman said...

All very much true, darkcitydame. There is no question about anything you say there.