Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mea Culpa

Well, things became rather quiet here at Coleman's Corner in Cinema, yet again. I could give myself many excuses, such as being quite ill for the better part of the previous week during which only the Kurosawa Test piece was posted and many other personal issues that prevented me from hammering much of anything out recently. The fact is, September has been quite the grueling month for this blogger, and CCC became a direct victim of that. So, it doesn't pain me to see the month winding down.

All I can do is renew myself, and say, um... Sorry.

Other victims of my time compression were other fine blogs that I would have loved to have visited as per usual.

And on that note... This is what happens when I'm out of the loop for just a few days. Congratulations to Sam Juliano for the creation of his new blog, Wonders in the Dark. I still owe Sam a certain review, and that is the one I will begin writing momentarily.

As soon as I feel as though I've caught up with myself here, I'll be sure to get back into my blog-visiting rotation. That may take a little while, so please be a little patient with me.

Thank you, the reader, as always.


Craig Kennedy said...

I know full well this kind of thing can happen from time to time, particularly in the first few months.

We'll be here when you return to form.

Sam Juliano said...

Thank you so so much for that Alexander! And I have been looking forward for that review all week. But no need to apologize, you have a full plate with school and other matters. It is not easy to put everything else aside (nor very responsible either) for blogging. We will all have our peaks and valleys. Again I am most appreciative for that boost.

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you very much, Craig and Sam.

the editor., said...

Hi! Alexander Coleman,
No worries!..."Take it easy," get some rest and I am quite sure that you will be back in the "groove" of things in no time at all!
and I still check-out! your blog

darkcitydame ;)

Alexander Coleman said...

Thank you, darkcitydame. Very touching, I must say.

I won't promise a new review before the end of today, but I am starting it at this moment so keep your eyes peeled.

Ah, I'm shameless. :)

Sam Juliano said...

I am looking into my crystal ball. I see a review appearing of a silent classic. I may be wrong, but let's see what develops..........

Alexander Coleman said...

Insider trading, Sam, insider trading. :)

K. Bowen said...

YEah, it's time for me to get back in the groove, too. Three reviews up at Anti-D! Next weeks five or six reviews! I have to start now.

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