Saturday, September 6, 2008

James Cameron to Reclaim His Crown?

James Cameron seems determined to reclaim his filmmaking crown as the King of the World in about fifteen months with Avatar.

At least, that's what his interview at would indicate.

When it comes to box office, no one should underestimate Cameron. If this film is as great an advance in cinematic technology as Cameron suggests, perhaps this is a movie that people will be looking at from afar as a potential major "event film". Or is it just hot air? Is there anyone anticipating this despite the fifteen month wait?


Daniel G. said...

Is there anyone anticipating this despite the fifteen month wait?

lol, doesn't look like it! I don't know, I haven't given up on the guy yet and I would definitely see it. I imagine people are going to show up and hypocritically bash Cameron as they're waiting in line.

Alexander Coleman said...

The funny thing is, I myself don't really care, but it was an interesting article nevertheless so I ran it here. Maybe my apathy was infectious. Cameron leaves a good deal to be desired from where I sit, but he does create "event movies" in a way few filmmakers seem capable of. I'll probably be bashing him in line, haha.

Daniel G. said...

It wasn't until I looked back at his credits that I realized I've loved half of what the guy has done: The Terminators, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, and Titanic - loved 'em all!

Alexander Coleman said...

Well, good on you.

I like his pre-'94 filmography, at least.

When it comes to brilliant concepts and persuasively rendered movie-movie mainstream cinema, Cameron seems to be kind of like the non-regressive Lucas, off the top of my head.

Daniel G. said...

Indeed - but aside from Titanic, what does his post-'94 filmography really consist of?

Fronde said...

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