Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Turned on the Quality Film Faucet?

It's mid-August, everything outside is hot, the Olympics are raging with Michael Phelps doing USA proud, the two Bay Area baseball teams are playing like absolute chumps and the school year is only a few days away from commencing for me. So who turned on the film faucet?

Vicky Christina Barcelona. Transsiberian. In Search of a Midnight Kiss. Frozen River. Tropic Thunder. Boy A. Red. And of course, Man on Wire.

These are all films I'm quite enthusiastic about seeing in the very near future. What happened? Who turned on the faucet? Why now? Not that I'm necessarily complaining, but it does create a little anxiety about which films to see first, what the priorities ought to be and a general game plan for all these.


K. Bowen said...

I'm not that high on some of these, but obviously Man on Wire is amazing.

Alexander Coleman said...

Which ones have you seen, KB, and what were your responses to them?

Man on Wire is the first definite must-see. Unfortunately, real life keeps getting in the way.

Alexander Coleman said...

Of course, I know you've seen the Stiller and Allen comedies and in each case you were letdown to different degrees. Oh well.

Sam Juliano said...

Actually, K. Bowen makes a good point here, althought I haven't yet seen the Allen. (I will over teh weekend)

However, BOY A and IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS at this point of the year, with the the prestige final third to go, are in my Top 10. I have high hopes for Alexander's agreement.

Daniel G. said...

You and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to noticing some decent offerings these days, Alexander. I think it's a pre-Oscar phenomenon that might be happening a little earlier than normal this year. Just to whet our appetite for the "official" start in September. All of those you mention are interesting to me, too. So far I've only seen MoW and TT, both of which were great.

Alexander Coleman said...

Yes, I thought about you, Daniel, when I wrote this post--as your wish for Hollywood to take a seasonal break is the stuff of legend. :)

I've only seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona but I will surely check all of these out in the very near future (he says crytically).

Your point about August arguably becoming the new September this year seems very true, Daniel. With Iron Man 2 kicking summer off in late April in 2010 (I know, another pet peeve of yours), Hollywood seems to like bumping things up early nowadays, including movie seasons.

Daniel G. said...

I hope my offseason proposition is seriously considered some day.

In the meantime, yes, these release schedules are a little weird. How about the fact that August has seen openings every Wednesday? Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, The Rocker - all opened on Wednesdays. What is that about?

There's no rhyme or reason anymore. Summer is in April, fall is in August. Keep the movies coming, but how about a little consistency.

Alexander Coleman said...


Well, I'm all for quality films throughout the entirety of the year. As much as I found the studio's mishandling of Zodiac to be distasteful, it was terrific to have that film arrive in early March, usually a deader-than-dead period of time.

Of course, you can usually find at least a couple of films at any time throughout the year that are very much worth seeing. This year in early March, it was The Band's Visit for me.