Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Summer Movies" We Still Remember, and the Ones We Will

Well, it's about that time of year. People are attempting to go on vacation before school resumes. Summer is winding down for Hollywood, their slated allotment for the season almost completely released at this point.

Which summer films from bygone years do you still remember and treasure fondly? And which film or films from this summer do you believe will stick with you? Which film, or films, this summer did you find most illustriously memorable? Which ones do you think people will still be talking about in fifteen years like Jurassic Park and The Fugitive? Or, twenty-six years like Blade Runner and John Carpenter's The Thing?

I just opined the names of four summer films that I think have remained in endless cinematic discussions since their respective releases. Of course there are many more and they may be quite different selections for different people...


Sam Juliano said...

Last summer we had ONCE, which is destined to inhabit the memory for seasons to come, methinks. This summer's MAN ON WIRE, an exhiliarating and altogether enrapturing documentary is a prime contender for the best film of 2008, along with the likes of EDGE OF HEAVEN, THE VISITOR, THE LAST MISTRESS, ALEXANDRE and WALL-E, so far (sorry about the last one, Alexander! LOL!)
Certainly both ONCE and MAN ON WIRE has brought the sun out at a time when mundane summer blockbusters have given us more than our share of cinematic haze.

Daniel G. said...

I think Independence Day jumps out only because I was anticipating it so much. The Blair Witch Project, American Pie, War of the Worlds, all of the superhero movies (from Spider-Man to X-Men). Those are just some of the blockbusters that come to mind, but I wouldn't necessarily qualify them as important films worth remembering.

Indies are a little bit more difficult, to be sure. I think Once was a bit of an anomaly last year. Actually the difficult thing about indies, docs, and foreigns are the release dates and festival screenings. So Sam's deserving selections from this year could, in some way, only marginally be considered summer films. Man on Wire definitely fits, though, and will be remembered.

Fact is, summer belongs to the blockbuster popcorn crowd, and I don't think there's anyway that's going to change.

Here's another thing to screw this up - when's summer? I don't consider May, though now you have to, and starting in 2010, summer officially begins with Iron Man 2 on APRIL 30TH!

Craig Kennedy said...

Being a grouch, I mainly associate summer with crap. By the time I was cognizent of it being a defined movie season, I was already in full snob mode. THat's not to say there aren't some terrific movies in summer, and you've named a bunch of them, but none of them stick out in my mind as Summer movies. The first Batman comes closest I suppose, but when I rewatched it I found it to be a complete dud.