Sunday, August 3, 2008

Braveheart and Bronx Tale Auteurs Unite as Actors

Michael Fleming at Variety uncovers some interesting details. Robert DeNiro is joining Mel Gibson in a Martin Campbell-directed movie entitled Edge of Darkness. The film is reportedly about a Boston homicide detective, played by Gibson, who becomes embroiled in the aftermath of a terrible personal tragedy involving his 24-year-old daughter. The film evidently involves murder, corporate cover-ups and other shenanigans, with DeNiro playing some kind of Machiavellian "cleaner" or something.

This will be the first film to have Gibson star since the 2002 film Signs.

Read the full details, including what I consider to be fairly major spoilers, at your own risk:


Sam Juliano said...

This is not news that will keep by up at night with gleeful anticipation! LOL!!! But to be fair, Gibson's last film did at least contain some thrilling chases through the jungle. DeNiro's artistic contributions to the form ar diminishing

Alexander Coleman said...

The truth is, I've been becoming so used to the take-no-prisoners wild man filmmaker Mel Gibson in the last six years that I'm not sure how I feel about movie star and actor Mel Gibson showing up again. Whatever people think of his films, he's no slouch and certainly no hack.

Evan recently speaking up for Braveheart in his Tell No One review made me kind of want to revisit that film despite my mostly cool feelings toward it.

With regards to DeNiro, I've become so used to the dull, sleepwalking Robert DeNiro that I think I would faint if we saw the hungry, gutsy Robert DeNiro again.