Friday, July 11, 2008

USA's Secret Weapon Against China: Brendan Fraser

Censorship is a serious issue, and especially as it relates to the nation of China and international cinema. Such is the case with the third Mummy movie coming out on August 1. It's got a Chinese bent, it would appear, judging from trailers, two of its stars (Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh) and the title itself (...something to do with a Dragon Emperor, yadda, yadda).

Sometimes Variety finds a truly interesting truth out there, and this is one of them, as it relates to the current amazing success of Kung Fu Panda in China: "There is a general feeling that Chinese filmmakers should be making these kind of movies and bafflement at why Hollywood is so good at producing popular, culturally specific and artistically successful movies about Chinese history." It's because we rule, that's why! USA, USA!

Seriously, though: China is certainly on everyone's radar this summer as Beijing hosts the Summer Olympics. There was, for good reason, speculation and some worry about how the big DreamWorks animated hit, Kung Fu Panda, would play in China. Evidently it's playing like gangbusters--according to Variety, it has broken Chinese box office records for an animated feature.

I find the cultural-artistic-political implications rather fascinating. Art and freedom tend to flourish together, and rarely ever separately. Many would insist that they are dependent on one another.

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"It's because we rule, that's why! USA, USA!"

Go get'em, cowboy.

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