Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Note to Fincher: Quit Your Optioning Addiction

I think highly of David Fincher, but his apparent addiction to optioning properties knows no bounds. At first it was kind of amusing, or at least pleasantly inoffensive. There was something charming about it. It's like Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles being on junk: at first it seems kind of fun--what the hell?--but then before you know it things are turning bleak and he's losing his real friends and... Oh, just stop it, David. Your optioning addiction must be treated. You're not Clint Eastwood. You're not Steven Soderbergh. You're not Steven Spielberg. You're not Marc Forster. Or Peter Berg. Or the Coen Brothers for God's sakes. You're just not prolific. Maybe you want to be, and beginning with Zodiac after your five-year hiatus you're determined to begin turning films out at a steadier pace than you have previously... But in any event, this has become crazy. (Really, though, it's not that big of a deal.)

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