Friday, July 25, 2008

DiCaprio in the Zone?

I love Rod Serling's old TV series The Twilight Zone--especially to the point where it went to being one hour (a mistake but even after that move there were a number of solid episodes) but most re-imaginings since the actual flagship anthology series concluded have been to varying degrees disappointing.

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and his Appian Way production company are teaming up with Warner Bros. to adapt material from one or two episodes of the classic show into a film.

Cue that timelessly cool music...


Craig Kennedy said...

Sam wanted to comment on this post, but had problems again so he posted over on the weekend forecast at LiC.

I think the problem is that you need to change your comment options in your blogger settings.

They're too restrictive and only people with blogger or google or OpenID accounts can comment. You should either allow anonymous comments or ask that people sign up for google or OpenID

Alexander Coleman said...

Thanks, Craig. I'll try to correct this.

Craig Kennedy said...

et voila. That should solve Sam's problem.

christian said...

I'm a fan of the TZ movie, despite the tragedy. But I dunno they can do this as a film.

Sam Juliano said...

Before even commenting I just scrolled down and I see the prevailing problem has been rectified with the three choices. TERRIFIC!!!!

Well, just to briefly recap what I had said at LIC, THE TWILIGHT ZONE is surely the most celebrated (and beloved) anthology series in US television history, topping THE OUTER LIMITS, BORIS KARLOFF'S THRILLER, ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and Serling's later NIGHT GALLERY.
We all remember TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE from the early 80's which cost the actor Vic Morrow his life. That film, which is most watchable, is rather flawed, but George Miller's segment based on the classic episode NIGHTMARE AT 20,000 FEET is excellent.
The discussion of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and LEONARDO DI CAPRIO in the same breath would rightfully excite anybody.

Alexander Coleman said...

Excellent recap, Sam, and I'm glad that you and others will be able to freely comment with, hopefully, no worries anymore.

I agree, The Twilight Zone was such a brilliant series. So many great, iconic episodes.

Christian and Sam, I like the '80s movie okay. It's very flawed but it has a certain vibe that mostly works.

christian said...

The TZ movie has one of the greatest film openings ever. Goldsmith's score is wonderful, and Dante's segment is great until its ending. Of course Miller's is a short film classic.

Alexander Coleman said...

And tying this to the new X-Files movie, I love how a young Steven Williams, a.k.a. the future Mr. X, is in the Vic Morrow segment!

Anyway, yes, Christian--the Miller segment is definitely a short film masterpiece.

The Goldsmith score is definitely a winner as well.

Anybody else occasionally listen to the midnight radio hourlong versions of old Twilight Zone episodes? Some of them are pretty great. A few nights ago I listened to Long Distance Call.

The old, original Outer Limits is splendid, too, Sam. Alfred Hitchcock Presents has some great episodes, too. Boris Karloff's Thriller, underappreciated today. Night Gallery, some fine episodes there.

Sam Juliano said...

PIGEONS FROM HELL, THE INCREDIBLE DOKTOR MARKESON, THE WEIRD TAILOR, THE CHEATERS, WELL OF DOOM and a few others showcase THRILLER as one of the truly great anthology shows, but without a legit DVD release (I have a fine enough bootleg set) it won't reach those who were born well after its heydey.
The final scene in MARKESON, with the raised coffin may well rank as the most terrifying in the history of television.
Stephen King thinks its the greatest of all horror anthology shows, even if the first "mystery" segments were pretty much forgettable. Alan Warren's volume "This is a Thriller" is a superb scholarly treatment of the series. He contended that Hitchcock himself out of envy, forced NBC to cancel the show at the height of its powers, to eliminate the competition for his own show (AHP) Interesting stuff.

Alexander Coleman said...

I had never heard of that situation with Hitchcock, Sam. I may have to read that "This is a Thriller."

I probably should look into getting the original Outer Limits on DVD. Sam, I remember watching old Outer Limits episodes as a child and I remember there being this ambitious two-parter about an alien or conspiracy or something along those lines: sadly, my memories are vague except that I thought it was a terrific experience, the kind of thing you'd see today. Any idea what I'm talking about?

Sam Juliano said...

Indeed, Alexander, that was the show's only two-part episode, with Robert Duvall. By any borometer, it is one of the show's most challenging and complex episodes, equalling in that sense THE FORMS OF THINGS UNKNOWN. I salute you for remembering that one, it is terrific indeed.

Alexander Coleman said...

Ah, very interesting. Thanks.

I'll IMDB Robert Duvall and look into it...

Just did. The Inheritors from 1964, eh? I knew I remembered this, watching it as a kid, thinking, "What a great, complex story!"

Thanks again, Sam.

Most of my favorite shows are old ones, like Have Gun Will Travel, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and some others. The X-Files, The Wire and The Shield are my "modern" favorites.