Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Polanski Cages the Ghost

Roman Polanski, set to direct The Ghost, a political thriller based upon a novel by Robert Harris, is apparently casting Nicolas Cage as the titular character (a ghostwriter for the British Prime Minister's memoirs, you see). The details of the plot are vague, which is good, and it sounds like it just might be right in Polanski's wheelhouse (this sounds more promising to me than Pompeii, for instance).

Cage still seems to have that something that attracts internationally-known, highly-regarded directors. Werner Herzog is set to more or less remake The Bad Lieutenant (though he claims otherwise--it's not a remake, he says... that has been an interesting story to see develop--especially when Abel Ferrara said he hopes everyone involved, presumably including Herzog, would burn in hell or some such hyperbole) with Nicolas Cage and now Polanski's giving him a shot.