Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grade The Happening

Is it really a B movie as M. Night Shyamalan insists?

I give it an F. Lady in the Water would probably merit a D+ from me just because of Paul Giamatti's persuasive but not-persuasive-enough performance.

Obviously, I know what Shyamalan means by "B movie." It does make me wonder what pre-release excuse he'll have for his next movie, though.

(UPDATE: Indeed, the always humble Shyamalan has called his newest "the best B movie ever." Check it out:

Just a little bit of fluff and humor here... and my last bit of bashing of Shyamalan for at least sixty days, I promise.


user001 said...

maybe it should be called the crappening
i grade it a g

Daniel G. said...

Ha, haven't even heard that one yet, but I like it.