Thursday, June 12, 2008

Billy Ray Leads the Motorcade

Billy Ray, who wrote and directed Shattered Glass and Breach and has an upcoming film entitled Hurricane Season coming up, will now approach a 2004 screenplay entitled Motorcade, an action thriller about terrorists attacking a presidential motorcade in Los Angeles.

Ray's Shattered Glass won me over; Breach, I liked almost wholly because of Chris Cooper's dogged performance. Ray's an interesting talent behind the camera. His list of screenwriting credits is not entirely great (okay, there are plenty of outright duds, from Volcano to Suspect Zero to Flightplan) but when he decides he wants to write and direct he seems to pour some personality into it.


Craig Kennedy said...

I think it's dangerous to judge screenwriting credits too harshly. For one thing, once a screenplay is out of a writer's hands, any number of bad things can happen to it that are out of their control and also, it's not like Hollywood richly rewards talent in this category. Quite the opposite (coughcoughAkivaGoldsmancough).

Having said that....Volcano? Seriously? (I kid, we should all be so lucky to have produced screenplays)

Alexander Coleman said...

I agree, Craig, being credited with a screenplay usually isn't indicative of either the final shooting script or especially what's on the screen and it's a caveat I should have noted in my post.

Daniel G. said...

I also kind of liked Glass and Breach, but this is a ballsy idea for a movie in 2008. We'll see what happens. I didn't see Vantage Point but I did see last year's Death of a President, which was fairly terrible.

David said...

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