Thursday, May 8, 2008

Terminating a Franchise's Credibility

The new Terminator movie, the fourth in the series started by James Cameron in 1984 is evidently going to be rated PG-13 so even more merchandising than you could ever have believed possible can be carried out on its studio's behalf. Directed by McG (ugh) and starring Christian Bale (no!) as, apparently, John Connor, this movie is no longer looking to merely be a (probable) big franchise-killing turd but a PG-13 rated big franchise-killing turd.

Devin Faraci at CHUD has the full, admittedly three-day-old scoop.


cjKennedy said...

They did it to Die Hard and now they're doing it to Terminator.

Sucks. Is nothing sacred?

Daniel G. said...

Hmm. I'm a little hurt that, as one of his biggest advocates in the last year, Bale didn't talk this decision over with me. He could make a valiant effort to save it, but is he fully aware that he's working under a guy who goes by "McG"?

Alexander Coleman said...

Yeah, the Die Hard comparison is certainly apt, Craig. The suit Faraci quotes is right that PG-13 today is a "tougher" rating than it was when, say, Terminator 2 came out, but Terminator, like Die Hard, feels perfectly at home with an R. Nope, nothing is sacred anymore.

I was stunned when I heard months ago that Bale was involved, Daniel. He already has his own franchise, with a talented director and an excellent supporting unit of veteran actors. Batman should pay the bills fairly well. Why sign up for this? Maybe, judging by Reign of Fire, he likes to star in movies about warfare in desolate, abandoned urban areas during apocalyptic times... Or something.

lightbird777 said...

Why, oh why, Christian?

I wish they would stop beating the franchises to death. They should have let Terminator end with 3 (which I didn't even see, by the way - didn't even see T2). In general, I dislike sequels. They're almost always disappointing.

- Alison Flynn

sartre said...

Alison, is your evil sister called darkbird666?

Alexander Coleman said...

Aha, I bet you're right about that, Sartre.

I have to admit, I'm surprised there's someone out there who hasn't seen Terminator 2. How many of you are out there, Alison? Just you and your evil sister? :)

I would check out T2. It's more of an epic action film with the future of the world at stake, and a formidable villain in Robert Patrick.

T3 is completely skippable unless you're a big Terminator fan who just has to scratch that itch, or if you want to know how in the heck T4 is even remotely possible as a film.

lightbird777 said...

Ahahaha. I don't have an evil sister.

But if no one has claimed the username yet, maybe I'll use darkbird666 as an alter-ego. :)

I've got nearly 200 movies in my Netflix queue. I'll have to wait awhile before I get to T2.

Alexander Coleman said...

Wow, Alison, you have a lot of film-watching to do. I'd love to see which films you have in your queue. If I've seen them, I could write spoiler-less three-word reviews for each one for ya. :)

lightbird777 said...

I may take you up on that, Alexander. :)

Many of them are ones that I've seen and want to revisit. I'll have to do a cut and paste job for you. :)

Alexander Coleman said...

Cool. :)

Alexander Coleman said...

I found out a few days ago that creator, executive-producer and writer of The Shield, Shawn Ryan, wrote one of the final drafts of the screenplay for this. That actually makes me a bit more interested than I would be otherwise. (And, Christian Bale, though I wish he would not have taken this role, will probably be instrumental in steering me in this film's direction next summer.)

Joel said...

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