Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indy in the House

Odienator, Matt Zoller Seitz and Keith Uhlich, over at The House Next Door, have each respectively written pieces on the three Indiana Jones films of the 1980s and put them together. A great deal to chew on from this trilogy of fine writing.



Daniel G. said...

Pretty amazing piece there. I've tried to avoid watching any of the three recently, but this was a perfect teaser.

Alexander Coleman said...

I'm actually watching the trilogy again. Raiders last night; Doom tonight; Crusade tomorrow night.

Matt Zoller Seitz's analysis of Doom alone is worth the link. It's a very flawed, uneven and rough movie but he gets to its flaming heart quite well.

Daniel G. said...

That you've planned a four-day, chronological Indy bonanza is, in a word, awesome.

Hehe, pun intended with the "flaming heart"? Until he mentioned it, I never even blinked that the people were still alive and screaming without their hearts.

Alexander Coleman said...

Yes, the flaming heart thing was a pun, quite intended.

I always have picked at the people living despite the hearts being pulled out. As well as Capshaw being lowered so close to the lava pit thing without being even slightly burned.

Anonymous said...

Too much for me to comprehend!!!!

Their writing is too good.

I have also watched the trilogy again, will see the film in about 10 hours. Or something.

Alexander Coleman said...

Yes, it's three great, different perspectives for three very different films.

Seeing Temple of Doom last night, I enjoyed it more than I ever have before because I went in divorcing it in some ways from Raiders and thinking of it as more of a true B movie. Matt Zoller Seitz's review allowed me to appreciate its ying-yang "stupid/subtextually smart" being.

And I've always liked Uhlich's take on Last Crusade, so I'll partly have that in mind when viewing it tonight.

Alexander Coleman said...

I just tried to read some bits and pieces of Armond White's equally enthusiastic and baffling review of Crystal Skull but it gave me a headache. Oh well, I'm assigning myself that homework assignment for sometime tomorrow.